Support for Laura Grows

October 16, 2016

It is hard to believe we are nearly half way through October! The trees are turning colors and we can’t deny that change is in the air.

There are three additional organizations that have endorsed my candidacy for House District 20: Marion County Farm Bureau, Oregon Chiefs of Police Association and AG PAC. I am honored and humbled to have their backing. These groups represent hundreds of thousands of private businesses and public employees. Their endorsement sends a clear message that the current representative is out of touch with the needs of everyday citizens in HD20.

If given the opportunity to serve you as your State Representative I will listen to you. I will act accordingly on your behalf in matters of legislation, not according to what the party dictates or what other influential voices might be saying.

With your help, since last November, we have made tremendous progress in spreading my message of common sense leadership. Now as we head into the end of this crazy election period I really need your help!!

The final three and a half weeks of campaign are intense and become extremely expensive with media ads and mailers. I am asking that you help support me financially. ANY amount helps – it all adds up! Please consider making a donation of $50 per person or $100 per coupe which may qualify you for a direct credit on your 2016 Oregon state income tax. You can donate online or mail your donation to: Friends of Laura Morett, P.O. Box 4687, Salem, Oregon 97302.

We don’t want to look back and wish we had done more when it can be done today. Together we CAN win this election! Thank you!

Keeping the faith,
Laura Signature Black Best




  • Proudly endorsed by:
    -AG PAC
    -Home Builders Association
    -Marion County Farm Bureau
    -NRA Victory PAC
    -Oregon Business Alliance
    -Oregon Chief of Police Association
    -Oregon Family Council
    -Oregon Farm Bureau
    -Oregonians for Food and Shelter
    -Salem Area Chamber of Commerce
    -Sheriffs of Oregon PAC
    -and 406 community members (for a full listing visit my Endorsement Page)

Forum on Latino Issues

October 12, 2016


Laura Morett to Participate in a Forum on Latino Issues hosted by the Latino Business Alliance

Salem – Laura Morett has accepted an invitation from the Latino Business Alliance to participate in their Forum on Latino Issues later this month. LBA’s objectives include:

• Improve access to economic and business education, programs, resources and services to Latino businesses;
• Provide education and cultural awareness to the general community on how to build successful, cooperative relationships with the Latino community;lba-logo
• Provide education and skills training to the Latino community on entrepreneurship to help them to enter the professional world in order to reduce dependence on public assistance, foster self-esteem and combat community deterioration; and
• Improve the integration of the Latino community into the wider business community

With an estimated 8,000 Latinos living in HD20 Laura is committed to understanding and supporting the efforts of these constituents. This is evident in her outreach via social media and door to door efforts this season. Visit to learn more.

Upon the receipt of the invitation Laura said: “As the child of a Hawaiian native and wife of a Latino the challenge of learning a new culture and establishing a family unit is hard work, but it is obtainable when our community comes together to help. The work ethic and devotion to family of the Latino community is commendable, and I am honored to be part of the upcoming Forum on Latino Issues.”

The forum will be held on Wednesday, October 26 from 2:30-4 PM, location to be announced. Please visit for complete details.

Laura Morett is a lifetime Oregonian and lives in Salem with her husband Dan. They have three children and two grandchildren. Laura has worked in the legal field as well as help her husband manage their small business for 28 years – Morett Construction.


Letters to the Editor

October 7, 2016

In case you missed them, here are the most recent letters to the editor supporting Laura’s election to House District 20:

Reader regrets 2014 vote; looks forward to voting for Morett

Having spent the majority of my life in the Mid-Valley as an educator, I voted for Paul Evans two years ago.

We have a lot in common: Central grads, Western Oregon alum, passionate about our community.

I learned in his first two years as a legislator that that’s where our commonalities stop. And I want my 2014 vote back.

Because of policies he favored with House Speaker Tina Kotek, he’s demonstrated how out of touch he’s become from his community.

When I take a look at how he voted against local small businesses, it seems Rep. Evans is out to dismantle the small businesses that drive our schools, nonprofits, jobs and livelihoods.

While I wasn’t an economics major, I understand that without those businesses employing people, the tax base for public programs Rep. Evans so dearly loves just aren’t possible. These very policies have helped Oregon rank poorly and on the wrong end of new business creation in the country (along with our graduation rates, percentage of people on food stamps, etc.).

I wish I could have my 2014 vote back, but my 2016 vote for Laura Morett will make me feel better. Much better.

Sharon Nicks, Salem
Published 10 06 16


Elect Morett to represent House District 20

Laura Morett is a new force running for state representative in Oregon House District 20.

She and her husband have owned and operated a small business for more than 20 years and understand the issues that challenge business and economic growth. She is deeply concerned about our schools and will work to help solve the problems that impede their performance.

Laura is high energy and tenacious. She will work tirelessly to serve the needs of House District 20 and the state of Oregon.

We need people like Laura to be our voice.

Tim Kirsch, Mill City
Published 09 30 16

RELEASE: Legislation Submitted to Close “Paul Evans Loophole”

October 6, 2016

SALEM— Oregon State Representative Greg Barreto submitted legislation Sept. 26 to further clarify that the use of state resources by politicians for personal or campaign-related use as a violation of Oregon ethics laws.

The new legislation is believed to be in part due to an ethics complaint filed against Rep. Paul Evans in August, claiming he used his state email address to solicit attendance of his campaign fundraiser.

Though the Oregon Government Ethics Commission dismissed the claim, some maintain that Evans’ actions were a clear violation.

David Huguenel, who filed the ethics complaint told the Statesman Journal, “I trust lawmakers will be making a change next year in light of Rep. Evans’ behavior.”

Laura Morett, candidate for HD20 responded to the news regarding Rep. Barreto’s proposed legislation:

“This type of corrupt politics has got to stop,” Morett said. “Telling a voter they need to attend a fundraiser in order to get access to you is unbelievable. This has got to stop, and he has got to go.”

To read more about the new legislation and how it relates to Paul Evans, click here.


We Want Our State Back

October 3, 2016

Since my announcement to run for office nearly a year ago in November, I have learned that I am up against a big blue machine. That machine is the single party government controlling our state through campaigns funded by big unions and special interest groups. These groups and their allies in the Capitol are responsible for the damage done to our state over the last 30 years. And they are out in force supporting my opponent.

The frustration with this one party rule has motivated many grass roots efforts. I believe this is evidence that the people have decided we are no longer going to allow these interests to take away our freedoms and our jobs. This is where I need your help.

So far, we have raised $149,581 from more than 170 donors. That is pretty impressive and I am so incredibly grateful and proud. But let me put this in context; Kate Brown raised $300,000 from just 2 donors. While this may leave you feeling as if this is just too big of a mountain to climb, then let me challenge that thought. We can conquer that mountain – our campaign has a lot of momentum. We have worked very hard and are poised to finish strong. Together our team has:

–  Walked door-to-door and have reached just over 8,800 doors
–  Attended 179 meetings, tours and events in district and around the region
–  Placed over 395 yard signs and 19 field signs up in the district with more going up daily
–  Welcome people nearly every day at campaign headquarters to pick up signs and sometimes leave a donation

I haven’t done any of this alone. I can’t, but I know that it is possible to win this seat from the big blue machine with your help.

Please act now, not tomorrow or next week. Do not put it off, that is how they beat us! They know we will get busy with our families and our jobs, serving in our community and they will slowly take the lead while we are busy working.

Get out your checkbook and become part of the revolution of “We Want Our State Back.” I need funds to finish the race strong. Please consider sending support in the amount of $100, $250, $500, $1000, or whatever you can afford. It is even easier to contribute by clicking on that big red donate button on the top right of this page!

Thank you for your support and if you have any questions or need a yard or field sign, or if you would like to volunteer and be a part of our great team, please reach out and we will connect you!

Keeping the faith,

Laura Signature Black Best



Laura S. Morett

P.S. Please remember, you can do your political tax credit contribution of $100 per couple or $50 per person and receive the full amount back on your taxes. I really need your support, thank you so much.


Friends of Laura Morett, PAC 17581
PO Box 4687
Salem, Oregon 97302

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