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Laura Morett:  from the south pacific to common-sense solutions for the pacific northwest.

aboutLaura’s story begins in the South Pacific where her father was stationed in the military. There he met the girl of his dreams. They married and together made their home in Oregon. Their daughter Laura was born in Salem and raised on a small farm in a house her father built. Growing up, Laura was always ready for adventure and learned the value of hard work and dedication.

Just a few days after graduating from high school and turning 18, Laura married Dan Morett. Soon they had three little kids, and Laura had her hands full taking care of them and helping Dan start their small business, Morett Construction.

Once her children were all in school, Laura worked at a local law firm. Eager for a new adventure and desiring to learn more about government, she took a job at the Oregon Capitol in the lobby message center. During this time, she also taught fitness classes at the Courthouse Athletic Club.

In 2009 Laura was invited to participate on the CBS show Survivor, and in 2013 she went back, this time to the Philippines with her daughter. During her time on the show, Laura was known for excelling in the puzzle challenges. She credits this success to her technique of starting with one piece and then finding the next one that fits—taking it one step at a time rather than getting overwhelmed with the pressure of the daunting task.

Laura and Dan have been involved in their community in many ways. Together they have taught classes on healthy adult relationships and periodically mentored couples. Laura has served in student and women’s ministries, and currently enjoys volunteering in her granddaughter’s school classroom. She is also a member of the board of directors for the Reid Saunders Association.

From mother to small business owner, Survivor contestant to concerned community member, Laura’s vivacious leadership, concern for people, determined work ethic, and common-sense approach are her hallmarks. Her knowledge and experience serve to make her a qualified advocate and insightful, compassionate representative for the people of House District 20.


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