Letters to the Editor

October 7, 2016

In case you missed them, here are the most recent letters to the editor supporting Laura’s election to House District 20:

Reader regrets 2014 vote; looks forward to voting for Morett

Having spent the majority of my life in the Mid-Valley as an educator, I voted for Paul Evans two years ago.

We have a lot in common: Central grads, Western Oregon alum, passionate about our community.

I learned in his first two years as a legislator that that’s where our commonalities stop. And I want my 2014 vote back.

Because of policies he favored with House Speaker Tina Kotek, he’s demonstrated how out of touch he’s become from his community.

When I take a look at how he voted against local small businesses, it seems Rep. Evans is out to dismantle the small businesses that drive our schools, nonprofits, jobs and livelihoods.

While I wasn’t an economics major, I understand that without those businesses employing people, the tax base for public programs Rep. Evans so dearly loves just aren’t possible. These very policies have helped Oregon rank poorly and on the wrong end of new business creation in the country (along with our graduation rates, percentage of people on food stamps, etc.).

I wish I could have my 2014 vote back, but my 2016 vote for Laura Morett will make me feel better. Much better.

Sharon Nicks, Salem
Published 10 06 16


Elect Morett to represent House District 20

Laura Morett is a new force running for state representative in Oregon House District 20.

She and her husband have owned and operated a small business for more than 20 years and understand the issues that challenge business and economic growth. She is deeply concerned about our schools and will work to help solve the problems that impede their performance.

Laura is high energy and tenacious. She will work tirelessly to serve the needs of House District 20 and the state of Oregon.

We need people like Laura to be our voice.

Tim Kirsch, Mill City
Published 09 30 16

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