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September 23, 2016

Sometimes you show up for a meeting or event as requested not knowing exactly how things will pan out. Well that happened to me last Wednesday evening at what was entitled: ‘City Hall Week League of Oregon Cities.’ As it ended up I came away having a much deeper understanding and appreciation for our city government and the good citizens that serve in these elected positions.

Cathy Clark, City of Keizer Mayor and Craig Honeyman, League of OR Cities Legislative Director hosted a meeting of city mayors, council men and women and respective city managers, along with incumbents and candidates for various house and senate seats in the state legislature. Along with a handful of interested citizens the League presented its legislative priorities for the 2017 session. (I was especially proud of my City of Salem Mayor Anna Peterson and our City Manager Steve Powers who took the time to attend.)

There are some common themes in the priorities presented: no new issues, all are riddled with complicated interwoven rules and regulations and all of them need amending and adjustment in order to allow cities to serve their citizens quickly, efficiently and economically. No easy quick answers to the issues of property tax reform, recreational immunity, transportation and PERS.

We are in need of leadership that will address these issues at the state level in turn easing the burden on our local municipalities who are the direct delivery on so many of the laws enacted by your elected officials. I will be that common sense leadership looking at legislation that will lessen the regulations on small businesses, restore local control to our schools, control spending by providing incentives not handouts and most importantly collaborate across party lines and focus on solutions not partisanship.

If you agree that a change in leadership needs to be made in House District 20 then please clink on the “Join Me” at the top of this page to help. Thank you.

Keeping the faith,

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