Liberty has found her voice with Laura Morett

September 10, 2016

As published in the Statesman Journal:

“Our own voice in state politics is carried by the representative we elect.

With decades of piled-up regulation and tax burden, we need a voice which rings of freedom: teachers free to teach, entrepreneurs free to create jobs and citizens free to see the actions of its government. Well-meaning rules have inadvertently created ghost towns and political corruption.

Let’s abandon the dysfunctional top-down approach to positive change and unshackle those trying to make better lives for their families and a better Oregon.

Let’s start by voting for Laura Morett for House District 20.”

Jason Haury, Salem



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Mailing address:
Friends of Laura Morett, PAC 17581
PO Box 4687
Salem, Oregon 97302

Office location:
1594 Edgewater St NW, Suite 170
Salem, Oregon 97304

Laura’s campaign phone: 503.967.4329