10 Days in the Life of a Candidate

September 5, 2016


These last two weeks have been filled with more meetings, tours, birthdays, anniversaries, door knocking, phone calling and fund raising – I almost don’t know where to start. I was both encouraged and challenged by what I learned. There are many needs in our community, but there are also many willing hands helping. I found myself thinking – please don’t ever let my hands become too full that I don’t have a hand available to help.

Simonka House Serves Women in Crisis
Touring the Simonka House in Keizer was amazing. I was so impressed with the program they have in place. Caring for, educating, servicing, protecting and loving on our women and children in crisis with kindness, love and respect. If you want to know more about a non-profit that is life changing please visit their website at: https://www.ugmsalem.org/our-ministries/womens-ministries/.

Polk Community Free Clinic 4 Website

Trinity Lutheran Church Serves the Community
I visited with Gail who runs the Polk Community Free Clinic at the Dallas Trinity Lutheran Church. She shared about the medical treatment they provide to those in need in the community. One story stood out – a woman who had a lump in her breast for months but no insurance, she came into the clinic and within 1-2 weeks had the lumps removed and is on the road to recovery, because of kind generous people who want to help.

New Oregon State Hospital in Junction City State-of-the-Art to Serve Mental Illness
At the end of last week, I traveled to Junction City to tour the new Oregon State Hospital. What a beautiful, huge facility. Many questions were asked and I learned more about the varies issues surrounding mental health in our state. It is a big, complex problem with no simple answers. However, it is an issue that I will continue to work on, asking questions, considering the answers until we can effectively provide help for the many who suffer with mental illness.

United Way Celebration 4 Website

Marion County Commissioner Kevin Cameron making closing remarks.

United Way and Judge Abernathy Launch Reading Program
The annual United Way Community Celebration Luncheon thanked local contributors and highlighted important local programs. The Honorable Judge Abernathy spoke about the importance of teaching children to read. She told of how local, dedicated men and women of Aumsville decided they were going to change the tide of low literacy rates in their community. I was so impressed with how much, once again – are you seeing a theme here? – our local community comes together to help those in need.

Thank you to all of the people who hosted me as I toured, joined in at a meeting or event. Your hospitality and caring extend deeply into our community.

Keeping the faith,

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