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July 22, 2016

This week I had an opportunity to visit an organization where it was clear God’s fingerprints were all over the place. The facility is such a positive place to visit where the teachers clearly loved being there and children were beaming with smiles and pride. The place is Faces of America an organization which helps give parents and students the skills and prepFACES Posteraration to continue their education and gain independence.

We have all heard of the issues that come about when a family arrives in a community without language or other skills to transition to their new community, especially in our public schools. To come along side and help, FACES, its partners, sponsors, and private donors strive to provide basic skills training, parenting education, mentoring, health access and integration orientation empowering parents to obtain the necessary tools to support their children and to provide for their family.

FACES helps facilitate access to existing resources in our community and is strongly committed to providing the following services:

–  K-12 Literacy and Math Tutoring
–  Adult Literacy, Elementary and Secondary Education
– GED Math and Literacy Tutoring
– English as a Second Language
– Parenting Courses, Parent’s training in “Kindergarten Awareness”
– Advising for newly created Community Education Centers
– Career and Continuing Education Advice

I toured the facility with Juanita Estrada, who has her Master’s degree in teaching and worked in the public school district for years. Juanita saw a need in the community and decided to do something about it. To learn more about Faces of America, visit their website at FACES.

I also had the opportunity to tour the Chemeketa’s Center for Business and Industry. This organization provides support to small businesses. Along with providing job training, they provide classes and support to help small businesses succeed. Diane McLaran is the Director and does an outstanding job. To learn more of what CCBI offers, visit their website visit their website here.

I am continuing to tour, meet and learn about all the excellent schools, businesses and opportunities that compose our diverse and caring community. I am an advocate for my community and a resource for others. We have so many amazing businesses and organizations right here at our fingertips, and I hope to bring awareness to them all. Enjoying this journey and thankful for you all.

Keeping the Faith,

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