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November 10, 2016

Thank you to each and every person, young, old, democrat, republican, independent that reached out and helped me share my message of common sense leadership for the citizens of House District 20. I have come to know so many new people, and I am forever changed by this endeavor. I learned that you care as deeply as I do about the direction of our state and that we must now continue to bring that message of common sense solutions to our elected officials.

We cannot step back and concede. We must continue to work for a government that is more transparent and responsive to the voice of the people. Earlier today I read an interesting recap of the results of yesterday’s election. Here is an excerpt from the Oregon Prosperity Project’s newsletter:

“… Tuesday’s winners have to pick up the pieces after a divisive election and find a way to govern. In Oregon, three issues stand out as ones that must be addressed for the state to prosper.

State government’s most basic task might also be its most challenging in 2017. The Legislature must craft a budget for the next two years. Even though Oregon will have $1.2 billion to $1.6 billion in additional revenue next biennium, the gap between revenues and the amount needed to fund current services will be about $1.4 billion.

One of the biggest causes of the gap between revenues and expenses is growing pension costs. Pension reform needs to re-enter the political discussion in 2017.

The Legislature also needs to take another run at crafting a transportation package, and this time it needs to be successful. Gridlock costs individuals and businesses thousands of dollars a year in lost productivity and increased transportation expense.

While those are the three biggest tasks for the 2017 Legislature, dozens of other issues will draw attention, from workplace rules to carbon controls. But election results should move one issue to the forefront: creating more blue-collar jobs. Rural Oregon, like the rest of rural America, has lagged metropolitan areas economically. Blue-collar workers in urban areas also have seen employment opportunities decline. On Tuesday, working class voters in overwhelming numbers sent the message they want that to change.”

You and I can be part of affecting the changes that need to take place to restore Oregon to it’s potential. The most important voice that a Legislator hears it that of their constituents. Do not be silent in the months and days leading up to the 2017 Legislative Session. In a constructive and engaging manner let your thoughts be known, not only to your Representative, but to the committees that oversee the bills that may eventually become law. Your district and your state need you more than ever!

It has been a privilege to campaign in the great communities of HD20. I won’t forget you!

Keeping the Faith,
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